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My 8th Tumblr Giveaway, Downey edition :P

As my tumblr is now 2 years old, I decided to give away this amazing RDJ canvas picture.

This is some information regarding the giveaway item :

  • This is a canvas print of RDJ (what is canvas? click here)
  • The size of this canvas is 20x20CM
  • The quality of this canvas print is perfect

So, if you are interested in getting the picture, please read the rules below:

  • Reblog only count..just once is fine..
  • One winner only
  • You have to be following me
  • The winner will be chosen by a number generator.
  • I will ship world wide, I don’t mind
  • The Giveaway will end on 17th of April
  • I will notify the winner after 2 days
  • If i didn’t get a reply from the winner, I will pick another one :)

Good luck ;)

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